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ZUZU Luxe Dual Powder Foundation and Mineral Bronzer Review

        ZuZu Luxe Dual Powder Foundation was a God send for me this summer. Between moving, working overtime, biking everywhere and generally trying to keep my cool while looking good in the Montreal summer heat this powder foundation took me out of my comfort zone…

    I rarely opt for powder foundations but the fact that I work with this brand and the amazing reviews on MakeupAlley had me convinced to give this powder a try.

     I was impressed how easy it was to apply this product, I simply buffed it in with my Real Techinques buffing brush and bam! : the redness was gone, my skin looked even , my red spots were blurred and my face looked like…almost perfect. Not that plastic Photoshop perfect, but rather realistically perfect. The powder foundation can be build up from simply mattifying your face in one coat to blurring out and diffusing imperfections in three to four coats. I like how buildable the coverage and feel of the powder is. 


    It has a lovely light feel to it and looks natural once applied but as the the day goes on the natural oils produced by the skin seep thro transforming this foundation into undetectable bliss… my skin has that natural, my skin but better look: glowy and naturally flushed. 

    The powder is very softly milled, it feels light on the skin; like many powders it can look cakey if you don’t buff it in properly and apply too much of it. Less is definitely more with this product. I prefer to use a concealer brush to target small imperfections after a second coat of powder for a natural, light coverage.

    The powder feels light after one or two coats, it has medium coverage potential and didn’t break me out. It blends wonderfully, it will oxidize to one shade darker after application so choose a lighter shade; I am a MAC20/25 and D10 is a perfect match. 

    Given that I loved the foundaiton this much I had to try the Mineral Bronzer so I picked D-32 as my new contour and face sculpting product. The bronzer is equally softly milled and very pigmented.  The color is a neutral brown with a faintest hint of golden sheen.Given that the color is so deep and the powder is so pigmented I doubt I would be able to use it as an all over bronzer but it does a beautiful job at contouring, it looks natural and blends easily allowing me to create those shades on my face without looking cartoonish. 


  Overall I am really impressed with both products. I can honestly say that the Powder Foundation has outperformed most of the powders I have in my collection and the bronzer is simply lovely to use. I like the idea that these products are natural and cleaner that your average cosmetics line. We’ve come a long way in the natural beauty and these products are proof of that.

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