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Zoya Matte Nail Polish – Lolly

I love the unique look of matte nail polishes, but as far as the performance goes, well, they suck. And, I am afraid this nail polish, as pretty as it looks, has all the characteristiccs of matte polishes. It applies weirdly, I have the hardest time applying more than a coat, can`t get it to set out evenly, and gets all clumpy. It dries super fast, on the nails as well as in the bottle. Performance-wise… its doesn`t last more than a day on me. I don`t use a top coat as that would take away from the whole matte finish. This polish chips within hours.
So, I am officially giving up on matte polishes. Its too much work for very poor results.
So, here it is, after 1 day of wear.

I love Zoya polishes, but this one failed to impress. So far every single matte polish has had the same performance with me, regardless of the brand.

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