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Year in Review: My Favourite Products of 2017

Year in Review: My Favourite Products of 2017

This past year has been a hectic one and in terms of make-up and beauty it’s been a year of simplicity. Travelling and moving across the country meant I had to leave behind most products I’ve been hoarding through the years, get selective with what I bring along and kinda go back to basics. I barely wore nail polish during the summer and kept my make-up to a functional level rather than get creative with it. My blog took a back seat this year but I still managed to test new products and narrow down a few favourites that really stood out to me these past months ranging from skincare to makeup and travel essentials.

1. Miracle Balm

I have loved this balm for years and I love it so much that I travel with it everywhere. The balm features incredible ingredients with great anti inflammatory (emu oil), calming (lavender), healing (comfrey root) properties and propolis is a great antibiotic. I used this balm to soothe chapped lips during long Montreal winters, severely dry hands, heels and cuticles; on bites, burns and wounds, rubbed on temples to help anxiety or insomnia… I mean, I use this stuff on everything.

2. Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Invisible Cover Stick

I fell in love with this foundation stick from the first time I used and haven’t looked back since. I like how easily you can adjust the intensity of the foundation, I love how natural it looks on the skin and I use it every single day wether I need a full face of make-up, light coverage, spot coverage or concealer. This foundation stick is my one stop shop and I never leave the house without it.

3. Revlon Mega Multiplier Mascara

This was the best mascara for me this year. It won me over with incredible longevity, easy to achieve drama and mess free removal. This mascara is very stable and long wearing and can last through a sweaty spin class, long flights and never-ending days.

4. It Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC Cream

I fell back in love with this product this year when the brand entered Canada and all of a sudden I had access to the range. This multitasking product packs SPF, good-for-your-skin ingredients and blurs imperfections. This CC Cream is an absolute must have when I travel or I am on the go and I need to look decent with the minimum time and effort.

5. Clarins Double Fix Mascara

I never loved a brow gel until I found this one. I know it’s meant to be used as a waterproof top coat but I use it as a brow gel. The wand and the formula are great and whenever I wear this gel I am sure to have polished brows that stay put the whole day.

6. Head&Shoulders Shampoo

Changing time zones and climate frequently this year took a toll on my hair so I had to pa special attention to it in the past months. I tried H&S shampoo earlier in the year while trying to remove a temporary hair color and that’s when I sort of discovered the product and started incorporating it into my routine. I am lucky not to suffer from dandruff but I have had certain scalp issues that require a separate post and this shampoo has been a blessing at keeping my hair healthy.

7. The Face Shop White Seed Exfoliating Cleanser

This cleanser has been my absolute favourite. It does a great job at throughly cleansing my skin and it’s mildly exfoliating leaving my face squeaky clean and soft and ready to take on any serum or oil I might apply after.

8. Kerastase Discipline Keratine Thermique 

This smoothing milk leaves my hair soft and strong and does a fantastic job at nourishing my fragile, blonde hair. It acts as a heat protector and ads a lovely feel and bounce to my tresses for days.

9. Beauty Oils

Acure Divine Essence Rosehip Argan Oil

I’ve used this mix every single day this year and my skin loves it! I custom mix my oils according to my needs depending on the season, place I’m in and skin condition. I typically love the the base to be a blend of Acure’s Argan Oil and Divine Essence Rosehip Oil and their fabulous essential oils.

10. S’Well Bottle

It is no secret I am a S’well addict. I have a few including their new travellers and I don’t go anywhere without one. They keep my liquids hot or cold for hours (or days!), they’re super travel friendly and I love the crazy range of cool designs they have making it my ultimate accessory.







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