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Whole Earth and Sea Fermented Proteins & Greens

Whole Earth and Sea Fermented Proteins & Greens

I am always on the look out for new way to get my veggies in. I like to sneak kale into pretty much everything, I load up my smoothies with carrots and spinach and I’ve been known to use left over beet pulp from juicing in my brownies. Smoothies are my favourite way of getting massive amounts of nutrients in and I love trying out different supplements and powders to help take that nutritional content to the next level.

The latest supplements I added to my routine is the Whole Earth and Sea Fermented Protein & Greens and their Fermented Organic Greens. As I work in the health food industry I am always eager to try the newest and coolest supplement releases and this line was no exception. I like the fact that the company is Canadian and their entire range of products has really good stuff in it. Lots of really good stuff. 

Whole Earth and Sea seems to have an approach similar to mine: sneak veggies into everything. Pretty much every single supplement from their line has fruits, veggies and plants in it, but you can read more about that here. Back to their Protein & Greens and Fermented Greens powders, they both pack a healthy dose of fermented organic, local fruits, vegetables, grass blends and medicinal mushrooms along with more or less protein (plant-based) depending on the product. The Protein & Greens blend features 21 g of protein while the Fermented Greens has only 6 per serving.

I really like these blends and I like the idea of having one powder that can deliver a dose of greens along with some protein to my daily smoothie. I like the fact that these products are fermented, which makes them easier to digest and more absorbable. I also really like that their plants are grown locally and that they include a nice mix of medicinal mushrooms, which have so many wonderful health benefits. 


And because summer is here, the weather is nice and warm here is one of my favourite smoothies these days. It features tons of greens, electrolyte rich coconut water and a healthy dose of plant based protein.

Super Green Summer Smoothie


  1. Add all ingredients to blender and blend until smooth.



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