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What’s in my pill box? Favourite Summer Supplements

The same way my make-up and skincare routine changes from season to season, so do my supplement preferences. Here’s what I take everyday:

1. Genuine Health Vegan Proteins

Ideal complete vegetarian proteins that taste amazing. I usually do a fruit smoothie, add a scoop of proteins, chia seeds and I’m good to go. Easy, perfect for summer and a great yummy way to get your proteins. If I’m in a hurry, try their smoothie protein mixes, they taste excellent when mixed just with plain water.

 2. Genuine Health PURE calm+joy

My go-to supplement to keep me happy and in a good mood.

3. Sunwarrior Proteins
Another protein I like, ideal for fruit smoothies. The bag is gonna last you forever, the protein blends nicely, tastes good and it’s very easy to digest.

4. Natural Factors Tonalin CLA
I started taking this religiously back in March, when I decided to get in shape, the right way. I started exercising, eating normally, making sure I get enough protein in my diet and drinking tons of water. I took 6 CLA a day (2 before each meal) to help me get my abs back in shape. I’m telling you, this stuff and 15-20 mins of Pilates a few times a week works wonders for belly fat.

5. Natural Factors BetaCareAll
During the summer I always make sure to take a beta-carotene capsule once a day; it not only helps your tanned skin glow and prolong the color, but it is an excellent antioxidant.

6. Biosil
A long time favorite of mine, it helps keep my nails and hair strong. I am also taking it as a support for skin. The silica supports production of collagen helping skin stay plump and keeping cellulite in check.
7. MegaFood Blood Builder
As a vegetarian iron supplements are a must for me, and this is my favorite formula. It`s whole-food, easy to digest and extremely effective.

8.Genuine Health Perfect Skin
One simple look at the ingredient list is enough to know this formula has all you can possibly need for nice looking skin. The omega in it helps with skin inflammation (acne), zinc is the must have mineral for acne and hair loss, vitamin E, selenium, green tea are all great antioxidants that support the skin.

Do you guys take any supplements? I would love to hear what everyone else`s favorites are.

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