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Wellness Wednesday: Tropical Pumpkin Turmeric Smoothie

I have been taking advantage of the abundance of local seasonal produce at my local farmer’s market (Atwater for those of you in Montreal) and I couldn’t help but buy all the squashes. Pumpkins are loaded with good for you carbs, beta carotene and other vitamins and antioxidants so I wanted to experiment as much as I could with them now that they are in season.
I am a huge fan of smoothies, it’s the perfect way to load up on nutrients on the go and I enjoy one almost every single day. The other day I had a bunch of squash left over from dinner the previous night and decided to experiment with it in a smoothie and boy am I glad I did. The texture of the squash lends a wonderful creaminess to the smoothie and it manages to sweeten my smoothie enough to make me skip on the fruits.
Here’s two recipes I found to be particularly delish:

Tropical Pumpkin Turmeric Smoothie
2 tbls acorn squash
2 tbls coconut milk (full fat)
1 tbls flax seeds
1/2 orange
1  scoop MegaFood Daily Turmeric
1  scoop whey protein
Blend. Top with shredded coconut and chia seeds. Enjoy.
I used my Blendtec as per usual to turn all the ingredients into a smooth creamy smoothie, orange, flax and all. I also added the Megafood Daily Turmeric Booster for its anti-inflammatory properties (especially good after a hard workout), whey for protein and a scoop of Organic Traditions Ashwagandha which is a wonderful plant with adaptogenic properties.

PS. How cute is this bamboo straw?

For the second recipe I actually use this previous smoothie as a base and I just added a handful of kale, you could use spinach or any greens you have handy and a scoop of my favourite green powder, Trophic Greens. I like this green powder because it has detoxifying superfoods such as spirulina and chlorella, probiotics, a bunch of green juices powders and no fillers. My blender, being the monster that it is, manages to practically dissolve any greens I throw at it including kale. It’s such an easy way to add greens into my diet.

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