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Wellness Wednesday: Lululemon Barre Stare Pant, Review

If you follow me on Instagram you probably know how obsessed I am with workout apparel. Lululemon is one of my favourite brands and today I wanted to simply share with you one of my latest discoveries and purchases from the brand: the Barre Stare Pant.

It was love at first sight: the mesh detailing, the high waist, the soft material, the ankle detailing… These pants are Full-On Luon but have a cottony feel to them and being part of the Hugged Sensation range they do fit incredibly well and feel very light and comfortable on. I actually got a size up by accident and I wish I didn`t because the material is not tight and will loosen up just slightly as you wear them. The fabric has that old Lulu quality to it but feels incredibly soft, the mesh adds an element of sexiness while keeping these pants very light and breathable. I`ve worn them for over a month now and I found they kept their shape well and look as good as the day I purchased them. The high waist is my favorite in Luluemon, I find it keeps me secure and flatters me the most and the rise on these pants is perfect. Not too high, not too low… it`s just right.
The Barre Stare pants are also pretty darn cute, which is, let`s be honest, what caught my eye about them. I love wearing them simply because they are comfortable yet sexy and I feel like a total bad ass wearing them. I love the little side pockets and the ankle detailing which I can enjoy due to the fact that I am pretty tall and the pants end just above my ankle.

All in all, the Barre Stare Pants are not only pretty but they are incredibly well made and hug my body in all the right places. I would recommend you check them out ASAP.

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