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Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara Review

Too Faced peaked my curiosity and raised my expectations with their cheekily named mascara “Better Than Sex“.  Just in time for Valentine’s day I received a package filled with confetti, sweethearts candy, cute cards and the iconic mascara.

The packaging is very sturdy and has some weight to it, given that it’s made of some sort of metal rather than plastic. It’s pink and simple and the name imprinted on it in the same color. The brush is on the thick side and has an hourglass shape, which is one of the nicest shapes for a mascara wand as it hugs all the lashes beautifully during application. The bristles are medium sized and dense. The “collagen-fueled” formula is wet, the perfect kind of wet IMO, not too runny, with the right amount of tackiness to it to adhere to the lashes and allow it to build upon itself. Given that the bristles are so dense, different lengths and splayed in different directions my lashes get crazy volume and definition with one coat alone. I like to make sure I get in the roots and gently wiggle it all the way to the tips. The brush holds enough product to get both eyes in one shot.

The hourglass shape of the brush is great; it lifts lashes in the corners and given that the bristles are longer on the edges I can get all the way at the roots without making a mess. Two coats of this mascara really kicks it up a notch, it lengthens considerably and the volume doubles. By the third coat you’re entering dangerous territory, if you’re not careful you can easily over do it and end up with spider lashes. 

The formula is creamy and it manages to hold up a curl while keeping my lashes soft and supple throught the day with no fallout. Removal is easy due to the fact that the formula never gets hard or crusty. 

Naked lashes, no mascara
First layer of mascara

Second layer of mascara

 Overall this is a really good mascara. Really good. I like the packaging, I like the want and the formula and more importantly I love the results. If you want volume and length this mascara is what you need. Is it better than sex? I’ll let you be the judge of that.

*Product provided for consideration. This does not influence my opinions or reviews

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