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*Sponsored* NEW! Lady Speed Stick Introduces Nutra-Skin

Being a girl ain’t easy! Between daily workouts, school, work, general stress and other sweat inducing activities it’s frightening to think that our poor underarms will soon be put on display and exposed as soon as summer and sun roll around. Add hair removal and scorching heat into the mix after a never ending winter and thick rough sweaters!

Luckily Lady Speed Stick has us covered! The newest addition to their range of antiperspirants and deodorants, Nutra-SkinTM/MC is enriched with vitamin E, has an invisible formula and over 30% of skin conditioning ingredients to help soothe dry skin while providing 24-hour wetness and odour protection.

As an expert on moisturizing winter-neglected nails, feet and underarms, Kristen Wood, CEO and creator of Toronto’s beloved beauty and wax bar chain, The Ten Spot knows how parched our “thirsty three” can be.

“Winter is hard on our hands, cuticles, feet and even our underarms. Tight sweaters, irregular shaving, perspiration and dry air can really affect that precious underarm real estate over the course of the long winter. Before you bare it, prepare it! Nutra-SkinTM/MC, a new product from Lady Speed Stick*, provides moisturizers to soothe and nourish your sensitive underarm area without sacrificing the protection you need and expect from your anti-perspirant.”

Available in stick (45 gram) and roll on (50 mL) format for a suggested retail price of $2.99. Now available at major retailers across Canada.

Special offer on SnapSaves . 

My thoughts on Nutra-Skin
Antiperspirants and deodorants might not be a hot topic on beauty blogs, but it’s pretty much an essential in our lives. I mean, if I had one minute to get ready for work, the first thing I would reach for with be my deodorant. I am very active and unfortunately I am a major stress sweater and very few antiperspirants can work for me. Nutraskin glided on like a dream, and 8 hrs into wearing it, after a major workout and a day of running around my armpits are dry as bone. I just sniffed my armpits despite being in a coffee shop (I have my ways… pretend to yawn and stretch my neck at the same time) and I am happy to report I smell like freshly picked flowers. I actually smell better than when I applied the stuff on.  Last but not least, given that my wardrobe is like 85% black… and I am wearing all black today, I can’t see one single white trace of deodorant anywhere. Thumbs up! Arms up!

*Disclaimer: Products  provided to me for consideration. This does not influence my opinions or review
*This is a sponsored post

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