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Saving Face with Lush Masks: Cupcake, Cosmetic Warrior and Brazened Honey

Blame it on the hormones or stress, the sun or the partying… but my face ended up looking like a not so hot mess by the end of the summer.
I rushed to the closest Lush store and picked up these masks, hoping they’ll do some sort of magic and bring my skin back to where it was in my 8 hours sleep, green veggie eating days.
I have always loved Lush’s masks, and to be honest, I find them to be their best products. Even for someone like me, who whips up elaborate homemade beauty recipes for fun, I find these masks so worth it. Not only are they fresh and convenient, they’re pretty damn original and efficient. Good quality-price rapport too.

Cosmetic Warrior

Key ingredients here garlic and tea-tree. Love it. These bad boys are the ultimate fighters against break-outs. They disinfect, treat and prevent future problems. I like to apply the mask on moist skin, as I find it very dense and dry. If I wet my skin before it slides better and I massage and distribute it all over my face with ease. I leave it on for 15 minutes and then wash it off with warm water. I never found it to have a strong smell, but then again, I am Romanian and to us garlic is some sort of aphrodisiac. I could detect the tea tree oil, but I happen to love it. Long story short, I saw an improvement in my blemishes within days. It took care of my blackheads (the kaolin and egg whites!), existing break-outs and had virtually no new developments. This mask calmed down my skin a lot. I use it once or twice a week, sometimes everyday when my skin is really weird.

Brazened Honey

This is one of the few beauty products that I found deserves it’s description of a detoxifying mask. I love how this mask not only deep cleanses but it also has astringent properties. I usually have these small pores of my cheeks that like to get infected every now and then, and nothing works to banish them. Well, almost nothing, as this mask manages to zap them before they get all weird on me.
I love to use this mask when I feel my skin is congested, and all the scrubbing and exfoliation in the world don’t help. The honey and egg yolks soften and moisturize my skin, which balances the more harsh ingredients such as ginger and kaolin. Plus, it smells delicious.


This mask is supposed the be THE mask for teenage skin. Well, I am not longer a teen but still fit the description having problematic skin and Cupcake works great for me.
While I wouldn’t particularly recommend it as a break-out solution, I did find it to help with blackheads, oiliness and general congestion. I like to reach for it when my skin looks bad but is also sensitive. I have days when my skin can’t take the tingly Brazened Honey, and that’s when I use Cupcake as a calming, soothing alternative.

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