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Romania and What’s in My Travel Bag(s)?

I’m in Romania!!! I took the decision to come visit my homeland rather suddenly; I had to come here with some personal matters and before I even realized I booked a ticket and found myself packing my suitcases two hours before my flight. Ironically enough, despite the fact that I grew up here, I found myself having anxiety and being nervous about leaving Montreal and coming to spend a whole month  in a country I haven’t visited in 6 years. I am sad to miss a whole month of summer in Montreal; I love that city and out of all the places I have lived in I feel like it’s the place I can finally call home.

Romania is a beautiful country. My first week here has been a trip down memory lane in a way while discovering and observing how things have evolved and changed in my absence.
Beauty-wise, as far as I can tell, there isn’t much selection. Beauty stores offer brand like Maybelline, L’oreal and Rimmel, prices being comparable to our Canadian drugstores. Brand like Revlon are very, very coveted and I only found one stand with a somewhat limited selection. You can also find higher end brands like Lancome, Clinique, Dior and Elizabeth Arden but I want to look and find unique local brand and products, stuff that I would normally not have access to.

Enough blabber. I decided to take this opportunity and share the beauty products I decided to bring along with me. I’ll be here for a month and as any beauty junkie will know, it was extremely hard narrowing down products I needed for this time. I had to be reasonable and practical, choosing products I needed, products that were versatile and multitasking. I had to have multiple talks with myself and try to reason with the part of me that wanted to bring along every shade of lipstick in my stash, you know, just in case there will be an occasion where I really should wear a purple lip and the like.

Without further ado, here’s what made the cut for this trip:

Balea make-up remover wipes. Easy to use, great for travelling.

Make-up brushes! I brought a lot, simply because I couldn`t decide which one to bring and I also wanted to have back-ups in case I don`t have time to wash my brushes as often as I usually do.

I packed my eyeliners and pencils in a small pencil case along with a sharpener.

My skincare and foundation  bag. I brought a heavy coverage foundation(Kat von D), a light one (MAC Face and Body), my Anabelle BB Cream, Almay CC Cream, Revlon Skinlights, Mereadesso moisturizer, Consonant Sunscreen, Roc Eyecream. Basic stuff, really.

 My Tangle Teaser dupe.

A few nail polishes.

 Some basic eyeshadows. No crazy colors, I decided to bring along only neutrals. Practical.

 Blushes and highlighters… I mean, ya`ll know I like my glow.

A few mascaras I am currently testing out and my trusted It Cosemtics Bye Bye Undereye Concealer

Lip Products and my Travalo (with JPG, my current favorite fragrance), a must for traveling.
Dr Bronner

Essential Oils. To disinfect and sanitize everything from make-up brushes to laundry; colds, bruises, insect bites, cosmetic treatments acne and the like.
Dr Bronner’s Castile Soap. I use it as shampoo, to wash my make-up brushes, laundry, body… everything that need washing, really. Organic, fair trade, cleans like nothing else.

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