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Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick in 113 (Nude) Review and Swatches

      I’ve had nude fever for a while now and one brand I haven’t really experimented with is Rimmel London. Kate Moss’s lipstick collection has gotten a lot of hype, so I picked up a matte nude lipstick to see what the line is all about for myself and hey, one can never have too many nude lippies in their stash right?

     The lipstick has a satin finish that can look almost pearly at times and very slippery texture, gliding on the lips with ease. The pigmentation is not this product’s forte, and due to the slip it distributes and sits weirdly, to say the least, on the lips. I absolutely hate the way this lipstick feels on. I mean, I can’t stand it! It’s got an overpowering smell, that cheap lipstick smell that just bothers me. The lipstick travels and feels greasy once applied to the lip. I can’t speak for the “all day” staying power claim Rimmel makes since I always end up wiping it off within minutes of application. Once applied it emphasizes and sits in lip lines.
     The colour is a light one dimensional nude peach, that can look pearly yet satin on the lips. It’s weird as it’s not one of those light nudes when swatched on my hand, yet it looks too light on my pigmented lips. Not a fan!

     Overall, I really did not enjoy this product. Everything about it screams cheap to me. I didn’t like the formula, the texture, the way it looks on the lip and it the smell is overbearing and simply awful.
I heard good things about the red shades but I am really hesitant to try them out now. This lipstick is an overall miss for me.

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