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Revlon Super Length and Volume+Length Magnified Mascaras

Revlon has recently launched a new portfolio of mascaras created to match our demands. The mascaras are clearly packaged and labeled according to what each one does for your lashes: Volume. Length, Definition, Volume&Length and All-in-One.

I have two mascaras from the range that I received for reviewing purposes: the Super Length and the Volume + Length Magnified.
I have to start by saying how much I love the packaging. The tubes look sleek with their black matte finish and their oval shape which comes in quite handy when it comes to holding the wand during application.
The Super Length (Green) mascara promises to deliver “long, lush lashes” and I have to agree that the formula did add length while keeping my lashes flared out due to the big, fat brush with densely packed bristles. The formula leans on the dry side, which is far from my favorite, the brush doesn’t add a lot of product to the lashes given the way the bristles are so tightly packed which results in long, supple lashes.

The Volume+Length Magnified (Blue) mascara promises “amplified” lashes; the brush has relatively tightly packed shorter bristles, although the overall size of the brush is smaller than the Super Length one, the formula is slightly wetter which works much better for me when it comes to layering it in order to build volume. Be patient with this mascara and build the coats gradually, you’ll be rewarded with insanely dramatic lashes.

Volume&Length (L) and Super Length (R)

I never got along with old Revlon mascaras due to the formula being too dry which resulted in me working extra hard to get the product to transfer to the lashes and get it to build up.That being said I did enjoy these two mascaras although I am not completely in love. Out of the two products I definitely liked the Volume&Length Magnified better simply because I love the dramatic volume it gives me while I do find myself reaching for the Super Length one to help flare the lashes out better. They both have their pros and cons but I definitely see these mascaras working well together which makes me want to go out and get their All-in-One Mascara and see if that one is the answer to my prayers.

*Products provided for consideration. This does not influence my opinions or reviews

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