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Revlon Ritzy Nail Polish Swatch and Review

    This polish didn’t win me over. It’s a black base with chunky glitter, thick in texture; color is not really opaque and the glitter tends to be scattered and hard to pick up with the brush.
     Application isn’t pretty, the base color being to sheer to wear on it’s own and adding a second coat requires patience and hard work to get an even distribution of glitter across the nail. It clumps fast so you’ve gotta be on top of it. I find the black base doesn’t to the glitter justice, I actually liked it better halfway thorough the removal process; when I stripped some of the black off, revealing more of the glitter. The trouble with leaving in that stage is the gritty texture.
    Another tip I have for you, with chunky glitter polishes, file the nail gently after you are done and before the top coat. I always manage to get one random glitter dried on the edge, gripping on everything I touch. Worst. Feeling. Ever.
     Removal was, of course, a nightmare. Like with any glitter polish, arm yourself with tons of cotton pads, acetone based remover and patience. I like to wrap bits of acetone soaked cotton pads around each nail and wait for a few minutes before attempting the actual removal. My nails are always stripped after the process, I usually need to buff, do a lemon treatment and hydrate them with my richest balm.

    What do you think? Is this polish worth it?  I actually like how it looks.

*Disclaimer: These products have been provided to me for consideration. This does not influence my opinions or review

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