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Revlon PhotoReady BB Cream Review

  Earlier this year, Revlon decided to join in on the craze and release their own BB Cream. I got mine a while ago at the event they had in Montreal, this past December. The reason I am reviewing this only now is because the shade was a tad darker for my winter ghost-like complexion, and I didn’t find the product to work well for me at the time…. read on.

    There are two categories in make-up for me: summer make-up and winter make-up. I try my best to be unbiased and review products as accurately as possible, but sometimes it’s hard to asses how good or bad a product performs depending on the season. I’m not talking just color, I’m talking everything. 
In the summer I always migrate towards lighter textures and coverage for my face make-up. I need them to be more resistant , I need SPF and a more natural finish.

    I waited to test and wear this product now before assessing it and I am glad I did.

     Like most Western BB Creams, Revlon PhotoReady BB Cream has light texture offering more coverage than your average tinted moisturizer, but less than a foundation. It’s very hydrating and creamy and I prefer working it into my skin with my fingers rather then applying it with a brush. It won’t cover major skin imperfections  it rather “blurrs” them and it has a nice dewy finish without feeling tacky or looking greasy. If you do have blemishes or areas that need more coverage  use a concealer underneath and make sure you follow with a powder if you tend to get oily through the day; this will prevent the product from breaking down through the day. The product also has an SPF of 30, making it once again, suitable for summer-wear.
     I like this BB Cream, it’s light, easy to use and natural looking. I mean, I actually tricked people into thinking I’m wearing no make-up with this stuff. Shhh! 

Disclaimer: products provided for consideration. This does in no way influence my opinion and review.

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