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Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation Review

   This spring Revlon hoped on the naked bandwagon and launched their new Nearly Naked, a lightweight foundation that `balances skin and make-up to work in harmony for an even, fresh complexion`. The product is enriched with a blend of green tea, black tea, oatmeal and jojoba and it`s formulated with `weightless hollow silica pigments `that allow the make-up to mimic skin`s texture, giving you a natural, fresh, glowing finish.

   The foundation is very light and liquid. Like the Colorstay line, Revlon offers the foundation in a good range of colors and undertones, which is great. The product has nice slip and blends beautifully on the skin offering medium coverage with an incredibly natural finish. It doesn`t emphasize pores, nor does it set in lines and wrinkles. Covergae can be build without getting that cakey look, problem I have with most `nude`/`naked` foundations. What I love most about this foundation is the finish, it looks like my skin but better. It blurrs imperfections but allows that skin texture to show through. There`s no compromise with this foundation, you will get nice skin and it`ll look like it`s yours. 
   I love that Revlon didn`t make use of sparkles or other light enhancing technology to help this foundation give me that glow. It has a beautiful satin finish and it brings luminosity to the skin rather than a glow. That`s what highlighters are for.
   The downside to this foundation is wear. As it tends to happen to me with light foundations the wear is a problem. Especially in the T-zone where I get very oily and where even the heaviest foundations start breaking up after a few hours. With Nearly Naked things start to get messy after about 6 hours which is still pretty good. I don`t like wearing primers but they Nearly Naked Powder in light saves the day. 
Another thing that bugged me is the packaging. It doesn`t have a pump, which is unhygienic and makes it messy and difficult to get the product out. Why Revlon, why?
I am also happy to report this product didn`t break me out, in case you too got nervous when you read the word silica. It felt good and comfortable on the skin and didn`t affect it in any bad way. 
   Overall, we have a winner. I mean, Holy Moses, what a great drugstore foundation. If you are like me and Colourstay doesn`t float your boat you will be delighted with Nearly Naked.  They don`t have much in common. Nearly Naked is so light, applies and blends beautifully, it feels nice and looks so fresh and natural. 
The foundation runs for about 10-15$ in most drugstores.

                                               And this is what the foundation looks like on me.

*Disclaimer: These products have been provided to me for consideration. This does not influence my opinions or review.

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