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“Beautyproof” Matcha Latte

I started looking into matcha as a way to help with that dreaded afternoon slump. I love coffee but try to limit my consumption of it as it can really trigger my anxiety and that line between being more awake and a twitching nervous wreck seems to only get thinner and blurrier with time. 

Matcha is a green tea that’s loaded with antioxidants and while it does provide caffeine for that energy boost I so desperately need its L-Theanine content helps balance the effects of the caffeine out. With matcha I get a very subtle surge in energy but never felt jittery or anxious, it just helps me stay clear headed and carry on with my day.

I love Ashwagandha and have used it for ages, this great adaptogen is one of my favourites for helping me survive stress and keep me balanced so I make sure I and half a scoop in my matcha. 

To add some magic beautifying properties to this drink I throw in a scoop of Organika Enhanced Collagen which is the ultimate supplement for skin, hair, nails and joints; the coconut milk has healthy fats and give the drink that yummy, frothy texture and the Vega Sport Performance Protein in Vanilla, the flavour compliments the matcha perfectly in addition to enhanching the protein content and overall texture.

I use the wisk setting on my Blendtec to get it to that fabulous frothy texture and love how it comes out every single time.


In addition, you can Bulletproof this drink by adding in some Brain Octane of whatever MCT you like, I personally choose to go with plain old coconut milk and don’t add any extra fats in at this time of the day. The drink is satisfying enough as it is and serves as a perfect midday snack and pick me up and I love the idea of sneaking in as many superfoods as I can in my drinks especially if they can provide any benefit for my skin.



Beautyproof Matcha Latte

Servings 1



  1. Add all ingredients into blender; use whisk setting to blend until nice and frothy.

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