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Real Techniques Brushes Review Part 3: Purple Collection

Today we’re going to take a look at the purple handled brushes in the Real Techniques range.

This brush is very innovative, instead of bristles it has a silicone edge which makes it great at applying gel liners. I’ve heard many good things about it and I do agree that I like it’s stiffness and sturdiness as I never liked bristle applicators; however I am not crazy about it. The brush, given the silicone tip, doesn’t hold a lot of product which means I end up running out of it halfway through a line. As much as I like the stiffness I find it hard to manipulate around the eye edge, and awkward to use when I need it to be mobile, like drawing a cat flick. Overall, I like it for certain tasks but I am not crazy about it.

This brush is aaaaaaamazing! It has densely packed, reasonably tight fine bristles that are wonderful at applying gel liner as well as drawing fine lines with cream or powder products. I usually use it with gel liners tho. This is the best liner brush I have ever used and I will never be without it. That says it all.

This tiny brush does a great job at smudging liners or working on my lower lid. It’s so tiny and precise and it works great with shadows as well as gel or cream liners. Very handy.

This is an angled brow brush, a fairly big angled brow brush. The bristles are great, they are stiff and well cut but the size of the brush doesn’t allow me to be as precise as I need to be at filling in my brows; as a blonde I have to be very light handed given that my brows are already pretty full, otherwise I tend to look angry. I find this brush does better with powders than cream products and you might still want a thinner brush on hand for cleaning up edges and drawing on the brow tail.

Real Techniques Base Shadow Brush
This is a soft bristled tapered brush that has quickly become one of my favorites. It’s great for dusting on shadow, for blending out colors or working the crease. It’s soft and does a great job at blending. I wish Real Techniques would sell this one individually (it’s part of a kit) so I can buy 10 more, you can never have too many. Great, great brush!

This brush has dense, tightly packed bristles. It does a good job at applying concealer as well as blending and smudging shadows. It’s slightly tapered but I personally find it too stiff and big for my crease. I like it to blend out shadows but I will always reach for something like the Base Shadow Brush to finish the job. The Deluxe Crease Brush doesn’t have quite enough give to gently buff out and blend colors but it does a great job in the first stage of a make-up look when I need to flatten out and mix colours quickly and spread them out nicely. This brush also doubles as a great concealer brush, it fits perfectly in tight places of my face, such as around the nostrils, when I need to cover a spot and other detail work.

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