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Real Techniques Brushes, Core Collection and Expert Face Brush Review

    I was so so so excited when I found out Walmart will start caring Real Techniques brushes here, in Canada. I don’t like to purchase stuff online, don’t ask why, it’s probably my way of preventing a major disaster from happening. I am sure I would end up bankrupt. I mean, just imagine… just imagine! Ok! Snap out of it! Back to the review.

    These babies joined my collection recently and have already become my favourites.
I am going to start with the face brushes I have and tested so far…

Core Collection
     This Core Collection retails for around $18 CA and you can find it at you local Walmart (Canada) or Ulta (US) or online. It Contains 4 brushes and a brush holder.
Personally, I will never use the brush holder. There is nothing wrong with the product, but I store my brushes in containers on my vanity and if I was to travel, I have a much bigger brush roll that’ll accommodate many brushes. From my point of view, if you get the RT brushes, you must know Sam Chapman, which means you are a beauty addict and most likely have quite the collection of brushes, which means those cases are literately a waste. My opinion.

   Now let’s get to the good part, the brushes! Before I begin reviewing each one individually, I need to note that the quality of these brushes was well above my expectations, and I had quite high expectations after everyone and their mother raved about them online. The bristles are all synthetic Taklon and hand cut. The hairs are incredibly soft and dense, they cut is perfect; the handles and ferrules are also incredibly well made and sturdy.

Buffing Brush

     Absolutely phenomenal brush! This is a medium density brush, if I can say so. I have brushes that are packed tighter and can deliver more coverage, but this brush manages to be flared out just enough to allow you to buff product into the skin. I find this brush works best with light liquid foundations, such as Revlon’s Nearly Naked, Bourjois Healthy Skin or MAC Face and Body,. You know, those type of foundations that you want to work into your skin and that you need to build up. This brush picks up and distributes product beautifully and buffs it in to perfection. It’s soft and light and flows across the face. It works great at building up coverage in problem areas, just go over with more product until you achieve the coverage you desire.
     I also like how easily it is to wash and how fast it dries, while maintaining its shape.

Contour Brush

     This brush made me raise my eyebrow in skepticism. This tiny brush is meant to help contour and define and pretty much revolutionize bronzer application. I had a hard time wrapping my head around it, having used an angled blush brush since the beginning of my make-up days, to contour. And then I remembered, how I had to pinch my brush and/or only use the tip to get underneath my cheekbones, or how many times I ended up with patches of bronzer on one side of my forehead… This tiny, rounded, soft brush is genius! Pure genius!!!! It picks up just enough product; use the rounded tip to get in there and contour the crap out of your cheekbones, nose, jawline, whatever; use its side to dust on bigger areas and blend product out. I love how the cut of the brush allows just a tiny bit of product to be picked up and distributed, allowing you to have control on where and how much colour you deposit. this brush is like a ninja in my collection. Yeah, a ninja!

Detailer Brush
      This brush is a tiny concealer brush. Or lip brush. I am still not sure. It has long, stiff, soft bristles and can be used to deposit concealer (?) or as a lip brush, although it’s a bit too big and I really can’t see how this will help me contour and define my lips, and I have big lips. It’s one of those brushes that’ll be there, and I’ll reach for randomly but I have no specific use for it as of now.

Pointed Foundation Brush

      Um, this is a very tiny foundation brush. You must either have a very tiny face or a lot of patience to use this. Regardless, I never liked traditional foundation brushes to apply foundation, actually, the Chapman sisters don’t either, I don’t recall ever seeing them use one when doing the base, so… I would use this more like a concealer brush or to smooth out lines. Honestly, it’s hard to find any use for it when the Buffing brush does such an excellent job at everything. I don’t think I can ever ever use any flat brush for anything anymore.  The brush itself is good, the bristles are soft easy to wash.

Last but not least I will review the Expert Face Brush. This brush comes individually and is not included in this set. I got this in a swap, from the US. You can purchase it online on websites like I believe.

Expert Face Brush

     This brush is also made out of Synthetic Taklon bristles that are hand-cut and cruelty free.
This brush is the denser, shorter version of the Buffing Brush. I always wandered what the difference between the two was, and now that I have had both and used them for a while I hope I can shed some light and help explain the differences between them.
The Expert Face brush’s bristles are shorter and packed tighter than the Buffing Brush, making it ideal for stippling product on rather than swirling it and working it into the skin in broad circular motions. This brush is ideal for applying denser, thicker foundations such as the Kat Von D Lock It Tattoo Foundation, it really buffs in creamier products to a flawless finish and manages to deliver maximum coverage. I love this brush and I can’t say I prefer it to the Buffing one or viceversa. They are both very good brushes, very good quality and they both perform incredibly well. I find that the Expert face brush is great for days when I need more coverage and it works much better at blending out heavier foundations and making them look natural on the skin.

    Overall, I am very happy with the Real Technique brushes. Sturdy, soft, well made and well thought out. They work very well, they are relatively inexpensive and so far they are the best brushes in my collection. A good brush can change your make-up routine and these brushes made quite the difference in my day to day make-up application and the way products look on my skin.

Thumbs up!!!

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