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Pur Cosmetics Vanity Palettes

Pur Cosmetics Vanity Palettes

Pur Cosmetics is a brand I, for one, love and wish got a bit more attention as they make some really fabulous products and have put out some incredible things in the past year. 

The two new Vanity Palettes they just released have really innovative packaging that made them my go-to items for travelling. The palettes feature four shadows, a bronzer, a blush and highlighter and a mirror that folds/stands up making it great for applying make-up anytime, anywhere. I absolutely love the fold-up mirror. I’ve been in the process of moving and travelling and I do not have a proper make-up set up but these compacts have made it so easy for me to put myself together wherever I might be. I just pull my chair in front of a window and do my thing without having to worry about lighting, leaning tiny compact mirrors up against books or doing my make-up in a poor lit bathroom. 


The Dream Chaser Palette features 4 warm tones shadows that apply with a pretty matte finish despite the very subtle shimmer that can be observed in the pan. While the pigmentation is good the formula is quite powdery and can easily be blended out as well as packed on over a primer. This palette would work well on fair skin tones, I reach for it every day to help me gently contour the face and add a subtle hint of color to my cheeks. The bronzer is light enough to warm up the face and the peachy blush gives me the most natural flush especially when combined with the warm toned highlighter.


The shadows in Gold Digger are more cool toned and feel more buttery to the touch. All shadows with the exception of the light shade have a more obvious shimmer to them and can blend out into a diffused wash of colour as the formula does not have a lot of grip to it. The face shades make up in the pigmentation department, both the blush and the bronzer pack a punch and the highlighter in a champagne dream. 

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