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November Favourites

I love watching and reading favorite videos and posts, it’s a great way of seeing what people reach for, read mini reviews and get ideas on what products other girls are into.
Here’s what I reached for over and over this November:

1. MAC’s Whisper of Gilt Highlighter
I missed it last time it came out in the spring but this time, I ran to MAC the day it launched and got it. It’s a very subtle highlighter and I am still getting used to the formula and figuring out how to apply it. I wish it would have been at bit more out there, more obvious when applied but I do prefer it to my usual cream highlighters which most often altered my foundation and moved it around. So far so good. My precious.

2. Estee Lauder Peach Nuance Ombre Blush
I got this at a CCO earlier in the year in the States and yeah, I still can’t believe my luck. I heard about it before, being compared to the famous MAC Ripe Peach, for which I am still hoping to relaunch. It is a beautiful soft peachy coral, that I can enjoy now that I am returning to my original paleness. It’s very satiny and soft, great for heavy handed people like me. I love using it to get that natural healthy flush. Gorgeous.  

3. Tarina Tarantino Eyeshadows
I got these at the beginning of the month at Sephora and have been wearing them daily. Nuff said. Love.

4. OCC Lip Tar in Strumpet
Like most girls, I love wearing deep red or burgundy lips in the fall. The paler I get the braver I get with lip colours. This is a wonderful shade of berry red, that can be applied as a full on lip, stain or mixed in with a gloss. The secret with lip tars is don’t apply too much or it’ll feather and bleed. Did I mention it lasts forever on the lips?

5. Urban Decay Eyeshadow in Sidecar
This colour is part of the famous Naked Palette, and it is one of my all time favorite shadow. It’s absolutely gorgeous. For days when I’m in a rush but want a bit of something on my eyes I just pop this, a highlight colour in the inner corner and on my browbone, eyeliner, mascara and BAM. Subtle, seductive, work safe smokey eye. I need to do in depth swatches for this one but I suck at taking photos… give it a google and be amazed.  I am not sure whether it is available on its own right now either, but if you own the Naked Palette enjoy!

6. Lancome Color Design Lipstick in Love it
Perfect nude-pink. It feels nice and creamy with good color pay-off; with a gloss on top it makes me look polished and put together.

7. Ecotools Buffing Brush
I have been using this brush for months to apply foundation. It does a great job at buffing in liquid foundation and getting it to look as natural as possible. The bristles are dense and soft and I never had one single hair shed from this brush. Not a single one!

8. Weleda Calendula Baby Cream
I love this stuff. It’s a staple for me at this point. I use it all year round for everything. Dry hands, face, rashes,  as a night moisture mask, cuticles, feet, body… I love the smell, I love the texture and I love how lovely it feels. It’s cheap, natural and lasts forever.

9. Baume Miracle
I am nearly done with my pot and I have had for over one year. This stuff smells amazing (loaded with essential oils) and it is incredible for hands and feet (or any other dry area). INCREDIBLE!!! It keeps my hands nice and soft and prevents mu cuticles from splitting during the cold weather.

10. Coconut Oil
I mix it with lavender essential oil for the most amazing body oil; it penetrates relatively fast, it`s super moisturizing, as natural as you can get and super cheap. I also like to include it in any hair mask I might be doing, it`s amazing. I am not fond of putting in on my face (heard rumors it can cause break-outs and I would rather not test that one out, thank you very much) but it is amazing to cook with, one of the most heat stable oils with amazing health benefits (weight loss, and brain food among others). I like the Nutiva one, I use quite a lot, and I found this brand to have be the best price for the quality.

Actually, I have so much more to add to the list…

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