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Nourish Your Hair with Mayo!

    One of my all time favorite hair mask requires two ingredients that you can find in your kitchen: eggs and oil.

    When I was young, I had no choice but to help in the kitchen, because you know, it’s my duty as a woman to be able to cook and stuff. *rolls eyes* Around the holidays I was always in charge of making the mayo; because there was no way in hell my grandma would be caught dead using the store bought one. Well, I don’t eat mayo, and will probably never use it in anything I cook, but the technique came in handy in whipping up great hair masks involving eggs and oil. Thanks grandma… I guess!

    Separate two egg yolks from the whites. We need the yolks. You can use the whites to make a healthy omelet, or in for a pore-shrinking face mask. Using a wooden spoon, start drizzling oil into the yolk while mixing. Always mix in the same direction and always drizzle oil and incorporate gradually. That’s the secret to making a kick-ass mayo. I usually use apricot oil, liquid coconut oil, what germ oil or avocado oil. I personally don’t like olive oil for hair, I find it’s not hydrating enough. Ideally, I keep adding oil until I get a thick, gel-like consistency (the test for amazing mayo is for it to stick to the spoon while upside down). I find if I do it all the way versus just mixing oil and egg yolk into a liquid-paste, the mix sticks better to the hair and it leaks less, which is greatly appreciated especially since I tend to apply my hair masks and leave them on overnight while I sleep.  I always cover my head with a shower cap or plastic wrap and then a towel to keep the heat in and prevent leaks

    Leave on for as long as possible, like I said, I sleep with it and when you rinse it out ,it’s very important you wash the mask out with tepid water vs hot, in order to avoid the eggs from “cooking” and getting all funky. Use your regular shampoo and allow to sit in hair for two minutes o help break up oil and dirt and residue. Rinse. Repeat. Condition.

    This mask is amazing at nourishing dry and damaged hair. It’s a classic and it has many variations, but the oil-egg yolk combo works so well at reviving and dry,damaged and limp hair with some healthy oomph and shine.

Here are a few other variations to this mask I like to do:

  • add mashed avocado to the “mayo”; rub mix into scalp and all over hair. My favourite winter mask, in strengthens my hair and really nourishes the scalp and strengthens the roots. Great for fuller looking hair!
  • add castor oil and a splash of rum to the “mayo”. This is a classic Romanian recipe. Actually the original mix included garlic but you don’t wanna go there,trust me. According to my mom, the rum helps to open up hair cuticles allowing the mask components to penetrate better. Castor oil is phenomenal for hair, but you must always use small quantities, mixed with another oil/fatty mask; it’s very viscous and extremely difficult to wash out.
  • add Essential Oils. My favourite include Rosemary (improves circulation, tonifies) Lavender (improves circulation, relaxing, antiseptic; Basil (promotes circulation and hair growth); Sage (circulation, antiseptic, purifies); Lemon/Orange (tonic, circulation); Tea Tree (great for dandruff, flakes, antiseptic, purifying).

What about you guys? Feel free to leave any home-made DIY hair recipes  you swear by in the comments below.

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