Beauty. Travel. Wellness

New beginnings. Beauty. Wellness. Travel.

New beginnings. Beauty. Wellness. Travel.

Hello world!

I am starting this post with the classic generic intro to announce the rebirth of this blog. I haven’t been as active in the past months and despite all the reasons I might have, the truth is that I felt uninspired. I feel I’ve outgrown the old blog and writing about just beauty products. The beauty industry has changed so much in the past years in ways that left me feeling conflicted. Like many others, I take issue with the direction the industry is going in, from influencers and rampant plastic surgery problem, hunt for views and likes and overall superficiality to massive collection drops and brand putting quantity over quality. It’s not why I started blogging. 

I took these past months to refocus and change my own behaviour when it comes to social media and my own beauty habits. I went back to basics. I left most of my beauty collection behind when I moved to BC and changed the way I use beauty products and makeup. I am focusing more on my own personal growth and wellbeing and chose to spend more time and pay more attention to the way I consume media, food and products. Less is truly more.

I finally had the courage to rebrand this blog and take it back and I hope to move forward in a new direction with it. I hope to produce content I am passionate about at this point in my life and share it with the world. My love for makeup and beauty is a strong as ever and I will continue to blog about my favourite beauty products but I will also talk about food, supplements, travelling and overall wellbeing. You know, stuff that makes me, me. 

Here’s to new beginnings, growing up and moving ahead!


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  • I am so proud of you 😘. You are intelligent, interesting, inspiring and beautiful. Here’s to growing up true to yourself! Xxx

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