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Neutrogena Healthy Skin Foundation

I am currently having a love affair with this foundation. After reading many many raves and reviews on it, imagine how happy and excited I was to get my hands on it, when I found myself south of the border for a brief period of time.

The consistency is perfect, according to my standards, not to thick, nor too runny. It delivers a beautiful, luminous finish with very good coverage. It blends very well into the skin and despite its amazing coverage power it looks and feels light. Kinda like a second, better skin. I have been wearing it in the sun, the heat, went dancing and biking with it and it does not budge. Freaking amazing.
More than that, I can sort of approve of it`s `healthy skin` title. My skin does feel good wearing it and after removing it. Like I have mentioned before I have worn it during certain activities that under normal circumstances would have me skin breaking out. Hell, I`ve even slept in it (I know, I know..) and my skin never felt suffocated or overwhelmed.
Aside from it`s `antioxidant blend` that`s supposed to help your skin, it has an SPF of 20, a very attractive price (~13$) and the color selection is decent. I am a MAC 20-25 and I match the shade 40 Nude. I use  Temptalia`s Foundation Matrix to find matching colors to new foundations. I did experience some oxidation, about half hour into wearing it, but nothing too dramatic. The only downside to this product is the packaging. I would have loved a pump for so many reasons. I find the foundation oxidized in the bottle, I have a hard time pouring out the right amount of product and I don`t find it sanitary. I have transferred it to a pump bottle, and it`s much better. Hopefully Neutrogena will listen to it`s customers and fix the issue. Nars did.

Overall, this foundation is great. It`s a multitasking product, my skin likes it and I love how it looks. It`s not exactly lightweight but it delivers beautiful coverage and that `glowy`, `alive`skin effect.

I am keeping my fingers crossed that we will eventually have the line here in Canada. It`s such a good product.

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