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NARS Jubilation Dual Intensity Blush Review

On my birthday I decided it’s time to treat myself to NARS Jubilation, a highlighter duo I’ve had my eye on for the longest time. The blush features the new Dual Intensity formula that I have yet to test and two highlighter shades, one pink/peach toned and one golden.

Both shades have the Dual Intensity imprint and a feel similar to the MAC’s Extra Dimension products. The formula is stiff in the pan and I found I had a hard time picking it up with a dry brush (dense or not) as it would yield a sheer wash of color. An Lord knows, that is NOT how I like my highlight!
The shade on the left swatches as gold with a good amount of shine. When applied dry on the skin (finger swatch) it looks like a beautiful wash of gold with very little visible sparkle. The color on the right is a shiny peach highlight. It goes on as a subtle peach with nice luminosity to it while looking less reflective than the gold shade. A dry brush yields much softer results as it doesn’t quite manage to pick up as much product from the pan. Small, dense brushes (preferably wet) work best at picking up more product and also manage to give the best results.When swatched and applied wet, the color and texture transforms, it almost melts and goes on with a metallic finish. The peach shade pops when applied wet. 
Swatched from L-R: wet application, dry brush and dry finger swatches

Dry swatches

Wet swatches
In my day to day use I found I like applying these with my finger, I simply run it over the product and tap it on my face. I like a strong highlight and this method manages to give me the most amount of shine without the hassle of trying to use a brush to pack on product and risk moving my base around.
Overall, I learned to love this Dual Intensity formula; it’s all about application method. The highlighters are both just gorgeous and look amazing on the skin. It reflects light without looking shiny or emphasizing the pores (especially when tapped in with the finger). If you crave that statement, stand out, almost metallic highlight you need Jubilation in your life. 

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