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MyChelle Dermaceuticals Review: Fruit Enzyme Scrub and Cleanser, Incredible Pumpkin Peel, Sun Shield SPF 28 and Apple Brightening Cream

MyChelle is a natural cosmetics brand I’ve discovered this year and their motto appealed to me: “Seeded in science and rooted in nature”.  I am all about natural skincare and I am all about skincare that performs. I love seeing brands that combine science and natural ingredients, brands that come up with products that will yield results, that are safe and natural and that make you feel pretty, inside and out.

I flipped when I saw how many fruit enzyme cleansers, peels, toners and creams they have. I love exfoliating my skin. Ok, ok I am an exfoliation junkie.

 The Fruit Enzyme Scrub is a “dual skin polisher” that offers a physical exfoliation through microbeads (jojoba) and a chemical one through many fruit extracts and enzymes. It cleanses the skin gently while polishing it; I actually like to take my time and really work it in, scrubbing away little dead skin and allowing those enzymes to work their magic. After I rinse with cold water my skin is squeaky clean, smooth and surprisingly moist.

I like using the Fruit Enzyme Cleanser mostly in the morning because it’s gentle enough to remove whatever cream or mask I was wearing overnight and leave my skin feeling hydrated and supple for the day. I can’t say it worked wonders; in general there’s only this much a cleanser can do in those 30 seconds it has contact with your skin but it does a great job at cleansing gently yet effectively.

My favorite product these days has been their Incredible Pumpkin Peel. This bad boy is loaded with enzymes and antioxidants and it does wonders for dull, congested skin. The best way I can describe this product is that it’s a glow in a bottle. I love how it tingles when you first apply it and I love how smooth and soft my skin is after I remove it.

I blame the beta carotene in the pumpkin for that healthy, sun kissed glow I’m left with after. The ingredient list of this bad boy makes me feel all happy inside: pumpkin is the first ingredient:pumpkin ferment extract, honey, glycerin (yeah moisture!), pineapple stem powder (AHAs), ginger and clove oils, witch hazel just to name a few.

Next I need to mention their revolutionary Sunscreen. It’s a full spectrum UVA/UVB sunscreen with an SPF of 28 using translucent zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, meaning it’s all physical protection against those harmful rays. The formula is quite lovely, it blends in the skin and disappears leaving behind no trace of that white residue natural sunscreens are so notorious for. The finish is a satin/matte one which actually works wonderfully as a makeup base, especially if your skin is as oily as mine is. Great natural sunscreen!

I had very high hopes for the Apple Brightening Cream. I have one dark spot on my forehead and it freaks me out; I have this fear that my teenage years of sunbathing are going to come back and haunt me, so I am doing everything I can to help prevent and treat any sign of age spots.

Despite the claims and great ingredient list the Apple  Brightening Creams didn’t cut it for me… the texture felt weird and tacky and broke me out every time I would try to make a point on using it a few nights in a row; my skin would go through that purging phase and break out and I simply couldn’t afford to let it do that. I am considering giving it another try once the weather settles in but until then this cream is a pass for me.

I love discovering natural brands that use clean ingredients and still manage to do wonders for the skin and MyChelle hits the spot. I am looking forward to their Remarkable Retinal Serum next. Word has it it’s a miracle retinol natural alternative.

* Products provided  for consideration. This does not influence my opinions or review

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