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My Make-Up Collection: Storage and Organization

This corner of my room is a sort of a sanctuary for me. Every item in my stash has a story behind it and I sort of consider them as my “babies”. I have recently done a huge clean-up as I have too much make-up for my own personal use and this is what I kept and how I store them currently. I know my collection is small compared to other “beauty addicts” out there, but bigger than what a regular girl might have. I try to keep it practical, get and keep things I know I will reach for and appreciate rather than give into the hype of a product. I try! I also try to put more effort into finishing products before purchasing new ones, especially with stuff like foundations, glosses, mascaras or concealers. Anything not powder and with a short self life. Very often I find myself eager to test everything under the sun, and with drawers filled with half used products that sooner or later end up in a garbage bin.
So, after yet another major clean-up and organization of my beloved stash, I decided to take photos and share them with the world. This includes just the make-up and nail part. I will probably do a follow-up post with hair and skincare, but that’s a whole other monster that needs to be tackled.

I have a huge vanity with lots of spacious drawers and storage, a mirror and plenty of counter space. Some people go and pray in a church, I just sit down at this vanity and do my thing each morning. Zen-ity!

Lip, Mascaras and Eyeliners
This is where I store my lipsticks, glosses, lip tars and anything lip related. I also keep mascaras I am currently reviewing or using and all of my eyeliners, eye pencils, lash curlers and tweezers. I actually used old Ferrero Rocher boxes to store my lipsticks upside down, for easy access and storage. They are the perfect size for most lippies out there.

Eyeshadows and Liners 
I use an old Ikea frame to store all of my individual eyeshadows, small palettes, cream shadows, MAC paint pots and gel liners. I love this storage system, as it’s easy to pick what I need and keep things tidy and neat.

Foundations, Concealers and BB Creams
This is where I store all my foundations, tinted moisturizers, BB Creams and the like. In a separate box I keep my concealers and small BB samples. I also store current skincare stuff here, thermal water sprays, moisturizers, eye creams etc…

 Powders, Blushes and Highlighters
Next drawer is used to store all of my individual pots of blushes, my cream, or powder highlighters, mineral powders, compact powders, bronzers etc. I cut and shaped those dividers myself to help organize and hold the products.

Palettes and False Lashes
I keep my false lashes and my big palettes here. I store all of my pan blushes in those big Make Up Forever magnetic palettes, and store various pan eyeshadows in my MAC and Inglot Palette.

Nail Polish
This drawer houses my current polish collection and it’s quickly filling up. I love storing them here, as I can see and pick them out with ease and I keep them organized by family, um… brand.

Last but not least, this is how I store my brushes. I realize I don’t have a ton of them, but I am very picky and selective about tools. I am actually rebuilding this part of my collection and leaning on replacing or adding mostly Real Techniques, as I really like the quality/price ratio. I ended up throwing away some brushes because of shedding and bleeding. I will try to do a more detailed review on the brands I have tried so far.

So that’s about it for my make-up collection. How about you guys?

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