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MUFE Aqua Creams

I seem to have the worst luck with cream eyeshadows… I simply struggle with the application, results or just getting the hang of them. Make Up forever Aqua Creams are no exception.
Although the formula is creamy and pigmented enough I have the hardest time applying it, getting enough distribution to achieve the true pot colour (or close), blending it, and getting the cream to go on and look smooth on my lid. The formula tends to by quick drying making it very hard to work with. I kinda have to pack it on and pray I get the application right from the start, leaving me no room for error and no opportunity to blend it or play around with the shape. Some colours, like the lavender one don’t go on as smooth and pigmented as I need it to, and when I do try to pack it on it flakes and looks incredibly cakey. Some colours work great as a base, some don’t. The lavender one comes to mind here again. I don’t find it makes any difference in how an eyeshadow looks on top of it, it doesn’t particularly help bring out any colour, as it goes on so sheer; and if I do try to pack more on it cakes up and I end up literately with chunks of it, making it a less than perfect base. I don’t notice much creasing with them through the day, whether I use a primer under or not, but that depend on the day. However if I do get creasing it’s minimal.
Overall, I think it really think its hard to review this as one product, as each shade performs differently, from my experience. perhaps I am not skilled enough to work with them, but then again I am just an average girl that loves to wear make-up and I should be able to work with these products and get good results.
Here’s a few swatches of the colours I currently have in my stash:

#11, 18, 15

 15, 18,11

 15, 18,11

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