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Maybeline Volum’ Express One by One Mascara Review

This mascara promises bold, voluminous lashes without the bulk. The “lash catcher” brush, is supposed to help flare lashes and build volume, without any clumps.

The brush is interesting, having a lot of sturdy, yet soft bristles that help you catch and coat even the tiniest lashes. It deposits a bit of product with each coat, making them look natural. The texture is wet and very buildable. It doesn’t dry fast allowing you to reapply and brush through the lashes with ease. Due to the nature of the brush it’s relatively easy to grab even the tiniest hairs and you can wiggle and flare the lashes out beautifully, without clumping. I found that this mascara helped me get volume and length as it doesn’t deposit too much product and it allows me to comb them until I reach a desired result, without getting those dreadful spider lashes. The only downside to this natural looking mascara is that it takes a lot of work to get that wow effect. I found it very hard to get a bold looking lash, despite my efforts to reapply the product. It’s like the brush does too good of a job. 🙂
It lasts well through the day but I do get flakes and marks on my eyebrow bone, which makes me think twice when reaching for this product.

Overall a very good mascara. It’s great for achieving that natural, flared lash effect. Don’t expect crazy volume and be prepared to deal with flakies through the day.

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