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Marcelle Lux Eye Dust Review & Swatch

Marcelle Lux Eye Dusts are neatly packaged pigments, that, well, do what pigments do. They are incredibly versatile, you can use them as eyeshadows, wet for an intense look or dry for a toned down wash of colour, as well as mix them in lipglosses, nailpolishes, mixed them with creams, lotions… whatever your hearts desires.

First I love the packaging. The pigments come in little pots, that once opened reveal a lid with a whole in it, great for dipping your brush in it and picking up pigment. The pots are heavy and stable and the nature of the lid makes it hard to make a mess, as it can happen with most pigments jars, MAC, comes to mind here.
The formula is fine and the pigmentation is great. The fine dust applies flawlessly, blends easily and if used with a primer under and packed on carefully, fallout is minimal. I love how nice they show up on the lid, the colours are truly beautiful. I’ve played with them and incorporated them in many many looks and I am happy to report they last very well, making it through 8, 10 even 14 hours of wear. They didn’t disappear on me, they didn’t crease, there was no fallout. Beautiful.

Here’s a few swatches of some colours… Illusion, Go Violet, Bronze Millionaire

 Illusion is quite sheer, but can work great as a highlight.
Go Violet is a beautiful lilac violet, buildable but also on the sheer side. Gorgeous for a lavender wash over the lid. Use a primer, pack it on and you have a more intense look.
Bronze Millionaire is an absolute gorgeous bronzey gold. Very pigmented and incredibly easy to work with.

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