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Marcelle BB Cream

I was introduced to this new gem this past fall while attending an event hosted by Annabelle and Marcelle.

I have been on the BB Cream wagon for a while now, experimenting mostly with the original asian ones. BB creams seem so revolutionary, it’s like a miracle product meant to replace moisturizer, SPF,foundation, concealer, and delivers other skincare benefits depending on the brand. Like mentioned in previous individual reviews, my main issue with Asian BB creams is the colour and finish. I am a MAC NC 20, which is considered light with warm undertones. I am very fair, so I figured most BB creams would suit me, more or less. Unfortunately I didn’t have much luck. I found most Asian BB creams to be too white, too unnatural looking, too thick and looked too cakey. I guess too much of a good thing isn’t always, well…good.
I was mega excited to try out this new BB cream from Marcelle. Their team went to Asia to sink their teeth into the whole concept and adapted to North American needs.
The cream seems to be able to replace a mositurizer, foundation and concealer while delivering plenty of antioxidant goodness and soothing plant extracts. The packaging is super sleek and sanitary, the product being dispersed through a pump. I believe the cream comes in two shades for now, mine being the lighter one.
The best thing about this BB cream is the colour. Hallelujah! The shade is neutral, and seems to adapt to my skin perfectly. The consistency is not too thick nor too liquidy, making it very blendable and easy to work with. I have tried applying with with a conventional foundation brush, a stippling brush, my fingers or a wet sponge; I got excellent results using all techniques, although I seem to prefer that almost airbrushed look the stippling technique gives me.
The cream provides medium coverage and works wonderful as a concealer as I notice minimal creasing, much less than with a few high end concealers I have in my stash.
Performance wise I am very satisfied. It lasts all day whether I set it with powder or not. I got no breakouts, which is amazing. It comes off easily using my olive oil cleansing technique. It has no SPF, but to me that is an advantage as I don’t need an SPF in my makeup all year long. I find it absolutely pointless, as this country has a very short summer, and most of the time I am indoors during the day. If I plan to be out in the sun during peak hours, in the summer time when sun damage is a real threat,  I will get out my natural sunscreen. The fact that Marcelle left out SPF makes this product that much better, in texture and the way it looks on the skin. Another huge plus, as with most Marcelle products, it has no smell.
I am more than happy with this BB Cream. It looks amazing on my skin, gives me great coverage, feels light, makes my skin look even and luminous. It lasts great through the day (or night), I get no shine, no breakouts, however I got tons of compliments on how natural and good my skin looks with it. Countless times people wouldn’t believe I was wearing makeup, that’s how natural it looks.

Overall, this product is what I have been waiting for. A BB Cream adapted to my skin needs, in particular the colour. I think Marcelle took a big step in the Canadian cosmetic territory, by introducing this product. Its the first official BB Cream available to Canadians in drugstores, it caters to our skin, to our needs and it’s a happy medium, bringing us the best of both worlds: asian skincare tailored to our skin and our expectations.

The product spread thinly on the upper part of my arm. Notice how it gently neutralizes my yellow undertone while illuminating the skin.

Look for this product in your local drugstore starting February 2012.

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