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Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Foundation Review

One of the most popular and well loved foundations has been reformulated, The Make Up For Ever HD Foundation is now Ultra HD and I’ve put it to the test for the past month.

The packaging is pretty much the same, the foundation comes in a clear plastic bottle with a pump. The delivery system works great, the pump gradually lets out product allowing you to have control over how much product is dispensed. 
I was a huge fan of the old formula and I was nervous when I heard they would change such a popular product. Could they really make the best foundation out there even better? After wearing it for over a month religiously I have to say yes. Yes, they somehow managed to make this foundation that much more amazing. I don’t know how they do it. 
The formula is a tad thinner than the original, the coverage is medium to medium light depending on application. I like applying this foundation with my bare fingers, over moisturized skin. Once on, it doesn’t really cover but rather blurr imperfections along with providing color and improving the overall texture of the skin. The skin looks almost naked to the eye when wearing this, it blends very well and becomes one with the skin. It never looks cakey or obvious, it wears amazingly well through the day, it doesn’t oxidize nor does it get oily. It feels light as air and extremely comfortable. My skin does amazing with it on, I’ve worn it during the scorching August that we’ve had and given that I am so active my skin can get weird when I wear products during times like these. That was not the case with this foundation. Not only did it feel great to wear but I didn’t get a single breakout. The only downside to this foundation is the fact that it doesn’t have a lot of coverage. You probably already know that in general concealer should be where the coverage come from rather than foundation but I know some people like the heavy stuff and this foundation will not give you that. It does cover very small imperfections but major spots or trouble areas will need a little help from a concealer or their Ultra HD Stick Foundation (review coming very soon). For me personally, I get away with a second layer strategically applied over areas that need a little bit more coverage during special occasions. In general I quite enjoy how natural and touchable my skin feels with this foundation on… every day is a good skin day. 

Overall, I am head over heels over this foundation. If you’ve always wanted to look like you have great, flawless skin that looks fresh and real this bad boy might be your new best friend. This foundation becomes one with your skin and I can’t ever be without it again. 
Have you tried the foundation? How do you like it? Do you find it better than the old formula? Let me know in the comments.
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