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Make Up For Ever Graphic Liner Vinyl Pen Eyeliner Review

I hesitated a long time to write this review. Every time I would make up my mind and sat down to write it after my last use, I kept thinking I should give it another chance; maybe I was using it wrong, maybe I should have tried it on naked skin, maybe I should have applied it differently etc etc. Well, today is the day. I’m done trying to make this product work!

I had so many high hopes when I received the new Make Up For Ever Graphic Liner Vinyl Pen eyeliner. The pen is sleek and compact with what appeared to be a perfect tip: a firm, precise felt tip that promised to give me the best cat eye of my life. The hand swatches teased me further, the formula appeared to be rich and dark and pigmented. The ink dried quickly and felt comfortable, it was easy to draw precise lines and play with the intensity of the result. Oh, what a beauty! Then, when the time to use it in action came it shattered my dreams. This eyeliner doesn’t play well with other products. When used on top of a base (such as MAC’s Prime Pots) or a shadow the felt tip seems to pick up product and needs to be wiped and cleaned in order to make sure it performs well. The second problem is the ink, it’s liquidy and pigmented but very tacky which makes it hard to work with, try applying a second coat and it balls up, and gets all sticky and weird and I always end up dragging at my eye and trying to stamp it and cover bald patches until my eyes get red and irritated. Due to the formula being so difficult it’s so hard to apply this liner, even on nude skin. It doesn’t slide. I basically had to stamp it on and don’t even think about drawing a cat eye or thin lines. It’s a nightmare.
I am so surprised to see this eyeliner be such a dud, especially from a company like Make Up For Ever which puts out flawless products most of the time. This eyeliner didn’t do it for me. I’m almost angry at it for not working because the execution is perfect: sleek and compact with the perfect felt tip. If only that formula didn’t ruin it all! Did you try any of the new Graphic Liners? What did you think? Let me know in the comments below.

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