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MAC Fluidline Brow GelCreme in Dirty Blonde Review

    I was in need for a new eyebrow pencil and heard good things about this LE Fluidline from MAC. I love Fluidlines in general and I loved the idea of color and gel in the same product. 
    The color that seemed to fit me was Dirty Blonde, a warm brown. I usually use a pencil and slanted eyeliner  brush to fill in my eyebrows. I never liked those special kits with wax and separate color. They can get messy, and I never get precise application. I would fill in my brows with color and then the wax would kind of mess everything up. It would clump or move the color around. So, having a all in one product appealed to me. 
The formula is creamier than a  regular Fluidline but it dries somewhat faster. I can easily distribute the product and the waxy-creamy formula works like wax in setting my hairs in place. It’s so convenient to have one product that does it all. I use my Ecotools angled eyeliner brush to apply the product and I have always loved this technique, as it allows me to get sharp, defined edges and fill in the whole brow with feather like strokes, getting a natural look. The cream is not as pigmented a regular Fluidline, which is great, allowing you to play with the intensity of the look. My brows were set and stayed intact for the whole day.
    My only complaint would be the color itself; I generally prefer ashier tones for my eyebrows, especially since my natural hair is a true dirty ash blonde. I find ashier colors to look best and give the most natural look to eyebrows in general. Dirty Blonde is a warm brown and if not sheered out properly can look, you know, fake.  That said, the product is great! It’s a fantastic all in one eyebrow gel and I really hope MAC will consider making this permanent and adding more colors to the range. 

                                                                     Natural eyebrow

                                             Eyebrows filled in with Dirty Blonde Fluidline

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