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Lush Bath Bubble Bar in French Kiss Review

    I just woke up from the deepest and longest sleep I’ve had in AGES! Why am I telling you that? Keep on reading!
     I’ve had a very weird sleeping behavior this year. I think I’ve probably had about 5 nights of sound sleep. You know, the kind where you go to bed at a reasonable hour, sleep, dream and wake up in the morning refreshed and ready for the day laying ahead of you. I haven’t really addressed the issue, I did try melatonin in the past and unfortunately it gives me very vivid dreams, well, nightmares to be more exact. I would sleep but I mean who wants to start the day the image of your ex fighting a dragon in an arena? Yeah, those kind of dreams. Weird.
      Anywho, my lovely BFF Lisa gifted me with some LUSH Bathbombs and last night after I tried the “A French Kiss”, my first ever “bubble bar for deep relaxation”.

 A French Kiss

     The bar dissolved nicely, unlike other bath bombs I have used in the past and filled the tub with foam. Kinda brought me back to my childhood. I managed to keep still and soak in the tub for about 10 minutes, which is a record for me! Got out and planned to do my usual night time activity: wash dishes, do laundry, blog, read, work-out, you know, typical after-midnight stuff for me. Next thing I know, 12PM and I have slept for over 12 hours. Thank god it was a Saturday! I woke up without any terrifying memories from nightmares and with baby soft skin.

     I am not saying this bath bar is going to knock you out, I was very tired and haven’t really slept the night before, but it managed to help me sleep on a night I know I would have fidgeted and only managed to catch fractions of sleep here and there. I am not saying this will treat your insomnia, but I tried taking warm baths before with lavender and bathbombs and stuff and never slept quite like this. It’s awesome! I am hooked!

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