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L’Oreal Professionnel Intense Repair Shampoo and Masque Review

My hair is in a terrible condition after a few experiments, and needs all the help it can get, so I was more than excited to try out this line from L’Oreal Professionnel, that promises to enrich and repair dry hair for renewed shine.

L’Oreal Prefessionnel Intense Repair Shampoo

I quite enjoyed this product. I never used to pay much attention to shampoos, until I had majorly damaged hair and all my regular shampoos leaved my tresses a tangled mess, making it extremely difficult to try to distribute a mask or treatment into my hair, let alone comb or just run my hands through it.
While some complained about the smell, I had absolutely no issues with it, found it subtle and quite pleasant. The product foams nicely and managed to clean my hair delicately, rinsing off with ease and leaving my hair incredibly soft. A miracle! Applying conditioner or a mask was a breeze, as the hair was clean but moisturised already.

L’Oreal Professionnel Intense Repair Mask

I have used L’Oreal Professionnel Masks before and enjoyed them, and this one was no surprise as it performed incredibly well. The mask itself is a rich, thick consistency and about two teaspoonful was enough to coat my hair root to tip( when doing an intense treatment), whereas, for regular conditioning a teaspoon was more than enough to coat the lower half of my hair. It de-tangled my hair like nothing else, adhered well (no dripping) and after about 5-10 minutes I would was it off with ease. It left my hair suuuuper soft and silky. After a couple of months of using this, I can’t tell it has actually repaired my hair, we all know that that’s simply not possible, but it helped me deal with it better, and God knows I have had less urges to just go and shave off all my hair in desperation. It hydrated my hair and left it noticeably more manageable and supple.It was somewhat of a God-sent gift, at a time where no other product managed to tame my extremely damaged hair. I am definitely gonna repurchase, over and over and over.

Overall, these product are worth every penny in my opinion. They perform, and although they won’t do miracles, they’ll help manage damaged hair.

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