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L’Oreal Miss Manga Rock Mascara First Impressions

L’Oreal has a new mascara set to hit the shelves and yesterday while at Pharmaprix (Shoppers Drug Mart) I got lucky and spotted it in a box with new merchandise while walking by and like any dedicated beauty blogger, I had to have it and put it to the test. Meet Miss Manga Rock!

When I got home and read up on it I’ll admit I got a bit scared when I read the claims and saw the promo pictures; this mascara is supposed to give you “super-charged”, dramatic lashes. The promo images had me all scared for a minute but as a blogger I was intrigued and I knew I had to try it. 
I was happy to see L’Oreal ditched that weird flexible wand they had with the original, the Rock wand is sturdy, just how I like them. The cone shaped brush is quite slim and has short bristles in sparse rows which loads the brush with product. The formula is wet and fast drying. Application was surprisingly easy but I do recommend you have a spoolie handy because it will drown your lashes in product quickly. This mascara defines and lengthens like it’s nobody’s business. I was terrified of ending up with spider lashes, which you can totally get if you don’t use a spoolie to clean up clumps and brush out excess products.

 This mascara won’t give you that plushy volume so if that’s what you’re looking for, look elsewhere. This mascara will give you insane length, it looks dramatic and it will make a statement out of your lashes. It will make your lashes look exaggerated, they sort of look like lash extensions with mascara on and I am really digging it, especially on the lower lashes.

From what I saw this mascara goes under the name Miss Manga Punky in Europe while here it’s called Rock. Does anyone know why brand do this? Rimmel did the same thing with the Apocalips lipsticks. What’s up with that?

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