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L’Oreal Infallible Eyeshadow Review

     These eyeshadows have gotten a lot of love in blogosphere so naturally I had to get my hands on some and see what they’re all about. These eyeshadows are quite unique indeed, being a hybrid between a cream shadow and a pigment/powder. To me it looks like a pigment packed tightly in that little container, covered and pressed down with a lid. The colour payoff is as rich and opaque as you would expect a pigment to be, however much more buttery, easier to blend and with much, much less fallout.

      My only issue with these shadows was picking up product from the little container. The powder is packed tightly and not much comes off onto a brush when I swipe it across, if I am more aggressive and use a stiffer brush, I have to break pieces of the product and sometimes get little chunks I need to break up after in order to apply it onto the lid.
     Aside from the fact that the pigmentation is great, it wears well and I experienced no creasing, fading or fall out with these shadows.The two colours I have right now are both so rich and buttery; and are simply a pleasure to work with.
      Overall these are great shadows, especially when considering the fact that they are drugstore products. I don’t have Armani’s Eyes To Kill Eyeshadows but a lot of girls out there that did try them seem to agree on the fact that Infaillible Eyeshadows are perfect dupes in texture and performance, with the only big difference between the two being the price tag. Just saying.

     The two shadows I have right now are Iced Latte and Golden Mahogany the latter being a warm,frosty champagne colour while the former is a rich warm beautiful burgundy.

     Here is a look I did recently after watching and being inspired by the latest Iron Man (for whom I have a major soft spot for) using the burgundy on the mobile lid , the champagne colour as highlighter and a golden pigment under the eye.

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