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L’oreal EverCreme Cleansing Conditioner Review

I don’t know how many of you are familiar with co-washing, but when |I found out about it, it intrigued me. Of course I had to try it. 

Co-washing involves washing your hair with conditioner. Why on earth would you do that? Well, it’s supposed to help hydrate and moisturize the hair and help keep it healthy while avoiding harmful, harsh detergents such as SLS, commonly found in most shampoos. I am not a fan of SLS, as I do find it to be too “cleansing” and harsh on my fine hair. I have tried several SLS-free shampoos and most failed to impress me. I did try co-washing, every second wash but most conditioners I have used seems to weigh my hair down and overall this technique really didn’t float my boat. I missed that clean hair feeling, and my tresses looked greasy rather than moist and soft. Blame the cones. (silicones commonly found in most conditioners). Ugh, the struggles of finding a good hair routine.
I decided to give L’oreal’s Cleansing Conditioner a try, nevertheless, and I am happy to report I like it.
I wet my hair really well and use about 10-15 pumps to get my entire medium length hair to lather up. I leave it on for a few minutes, you know, let it act and stuff and then rinse it realllly well. Unlike shampoo, when I rinse it my hair feels soft and conditioned, but unlike conditioner I don’t get that siliconey feel that makes me want to rinse and rinse and rinse and never feel clean.
I happen to like the smell and it lingers once my hair is dry, which is pleasant. 
I love the way my hair feel and looks after I dry it. It has crazy volume, feels surprisingly clean and incredibly soft and smooth. It has shine, it has bounce, my natural waves aren’t weighed down and my fine hair is not frizzy and crazy and dry. I love what this product does to my hair.
It is a great product for those days when I am in a rush or when my hair needs a quick pick me up but I don’t want to put it through the whole shampoo-mask ritual. I wouldn’t use only this product, I still need that crazy harsh but cleansing shampoo, but I do use it every second wash. My hair is happy.
 I am definitely gonna repurchase. 

                                    Here’s my hair freshly co-washed with the Cleansing Conditioner.

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