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La Femme Blushes (part 1)

La Femme blushes are insane!
They are more than affordable, come in an insane variaty of colours; they are more pigmented than you can imagine and perform beautifully. Seriously, these blushes put to shame many, many other high or low end brands. The price for one of these is about 2.50. That’s 2 dollars and 50 cents.
Like many others, I am so impressed with La Femme blushes and can’t stop raving about them.
I found the entire range at MakeUpMania, and ordered from them. Service was great, fast shipping and the fragile blushes got to me intact, thanks to the meticulous and careful packaging.

Since I was desperate to get my hands on some but struggled finding swatches and accurate descriptions, I have decided to go ahead and get them all and do a proper swatch and take photos, in the hope that it’ll be easier for others to decide and choose colours.
I store my blushes in Make Up Forever magnetic palletes. I got mine here in Montreal at their headquarters downtown and they are truly wonderful.

The blushes come in magnetic pans (tablets) or you can have them in a case with a screw top lid. Mine are all in tablet form.

Ok, so here we go! I split the blushes and swatched a few at a time…

Purple Passion : very pigmented, true purple-violet, blends well, shimmery
Mulberry : violet-pink, vibrant, deep, pigmented, matte
Flamingo Pink : cotton candy pink, sheer yet pigmented, matte
Blossom : sheer, lavender, matte, very soft and buttery texture, powdery

Magenta : deep fuschia, vibrant pink, soft, rich texture, matte
Fuschia : light fuschia, great pigmentation, matte
Framboesia : warm, true pink, sparkly/shimmery, blendable
Golden Rose : subtle golden shimmer, muted rose, quite sheer by comparison to others,

Peach Sparkle : beautiful peach with subtle shimmer, butter texture, blendable

Sunkissed Dawn : dark rose, sheen
Dusty Rose : muted brownish soft red, pigmented, shimmer
Golden Sunset : rosy pink with specks of gold, shimmery

Red : beautiful cool matte red, subtle, pigmented, vibrant, rich colour, matte
Orange : sheer, buildable, pigmented, buttery texture, matte
Terracotta : rosy peachy pink, quite light but buildable, subtle shimmer

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