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Korres Greek Yoghurt Moisturizing Face Cream Review

        I’ve been having a real love affair with Korres lately. I revamped my entire skin routine since this spring, when my skin decided to go all crazy on me, get both oily and dry and break out.
I previously tried and got hooked on their Yogurt Gel, a light,  a hydrating serum like face lotion which I reviewed here. Then, it’s like Korres read my mind and came up with a a yogurt based cream: a richer, more moisturizing brother of the Gel.
        The cream comes in the typical Korres packaging, a nice, sturdy glass jar. I said it before and going to say it again, I am not a huge fan of the packaging as I despise dipping my fingers in a product and exposing it to air every single time I open it. Call it paranoia but it irks me! I generally prefer to use a cotton swab to pick up some product and apply it to my face or I just make sure to have washed my hands right before using the product. At the same time, Korres has that European feel, and I remember old school beauty creams from back home having the same natural, light smell, feel, texture and packaged in similar containers where you did have to dip your fingers in.
       The cream has a very unique feel to it, it’s much lighter than their classic Rose moisturizing cream, but it’s very very hydrating, I can really work it into the skin and within minutes it’s all absorbed. I love using it in the summer, as it leaves doesn’t have that “moisturizer” feel but rather leaves my skin plump and soft and rosy.
 It has soft fresh smell, not at all overwhelming.

       As usual, I love reading the ingredients for this this Korres product, it’s formulated with yoghurt, vitamin E, Olive Oil and macadamia oil. I’ve used yogurt for ages to help calm down irritated skin, brighten it and hydrate it so it’s nice to see it delivered in such a luxurious product.

       Overall, another big thumbs up for Korres! This cream is great if you have dehydrated skin, oily or not, great for summer, for a sensitive skin or if you are looking for a gentle moisturizer for the warmer months.


In Canada you can find Korres at Sephora and most Shopper’s Drug Mart (Pharmaprix for Quebec).

*Disclaimer: These products have been provided to me for consideration. This does not influence my opinions or review.

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