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John Frieda Sheer Blonde Go Lighter Controlled Lightening Spray Review

      I’ve given my hair a break from dying over the past year and a half after some experiments gone wrong. My dirty blonde hair grew back in and despite vowing to embrace my natural colour I was itching for a change. I decided to play up the natural highlights I get in the summer due tot he sun, and got The John Frieda Controlled Lightening Spray.

    I simply spritz the product in my towel dried hair. I make sure I get the roots and then distribute it all over, through the length of my hair with the help of a brush. I noticed results within the first use, with my hair getting a few highlights here and there. The second and third time around the colour got gradually lighter and that’s when I stopped using it as I was quite satisfied with the colour.
I did use heat as the instructions suggested but maybe half the time I simply went in the sun and let it work it’s magic. After using this product my hair wasn’t damaged, maybe a bit dried, but nothing dramatic; my hair usually gets very dry in the summer on it’s own. Nothing a good coconut oil mask can’t fix.  A month after the initial use, I simply just touch up my roots every now and then.  Nothing too precise, as everything sort of blends in, due to the nature of the application.

     This product surprised me, it did just what I needed it to: it lightened my hair and added some natural highlights, without actually drying or visibly damaging my hair. It’s easy to use, I can do it at home, the results are great. Big thumbs up. It goes without saying, that results may vary for everyone, depending on your natural hair color. Generally this product tends to work well on natural blonds or folks with lighter hair. To maintain, I do like to use a purple shampoo to help neutralize and correct brassiness or yellow tones.

      Below are before and after pictures.

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