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Jimmy Choo L’EAU

Jimmy Choo L’EAU

The newest launch from Jimmy Choo, L’EAU, is described as a strong, resolutely feminine scent and it is said to combine a “symphony of floral, fresh and musky notes”. L’EAU opens up with notes of hibiscus flower and bergamot, followed by nectarine and peoney in the middle and has cedarwood and musk at the base.  

I absolutely love the packaging on this perfume. It’s soft and feminine and makes makes me feel pretty just holding it in my hand. The fragrance opens up floral with a hint of fruitiness. On me, it lasts for the pretty much the entire day and I’ve been able to catch whiffs of its even a second day after an application. I am quite particular when it comes to perfumes, I tend not to like overly floral scents, at least not right out of the bottle and with this fragrance I like how it develops on me after a few hours of wear when the muskier notes kick in altough I do wish there was more of it (musk). 

To me, this is a nice day fragrance, it’s light, uncomplicated and by the time night rolls around  it turns into a slightly more mature scent that is a bit more up my alley. 

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