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Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balm Review

     This is a product I gave into because of all the hype surrounding it. I first heard of this product on Temptalia, Christine loves it and mentions it over and over. I figured I would give it a try despite the fact that under normal circumstances I would never spend 8$ on a lip-balm. But then again, I have about a dozen cheaper ones that I barely touch because they don’t quite cut it for me.

     This is a decent lip-balm. I didn’t wow me, but I found myself reaching for it through all of winter. It has a thick, Vaseline like consistency and a nice slip, yet it doesn’t feel slimy on the lips and doesn’t just sit on the surface: it actually helps moisturize and repair chapped lips while providing protection from the elements. I like to use this product in it’s own, applied during the day as well as a treatment, during the night after a lip scrub.

     Overall, the performance was decent. I got both flavours available at my Sephora (Lemon and Mint) and they both quickly became staples in my day to day beauty routine.

     The part where I get sad is when I read the ingredients. I mean, there was a huge scandal already on this issue, and I won’t address that particular incident in this post. I will however come out and say that I am disappointed to see parabens in this lipbalm. I am very disappointed to see quite a few of them. I am disappointed to see petrolatum in it, I feel beeswax does a marvelous job at protecting the lips and the Vaseline-like feel of the balm is probably the only thing I dislike about it. And why is vit E at the end of the ingredient list? It’s a marvelous antioxidant that can do a fine job at preserving the oils while having so many benefits for the skin. Replace parabens with vitamin E, hit two birds with one stone. This is just the tip of the iceberg, I have many issues with many ingredients in this product, that goes on my lips and ultimately gets ingested.

      Overall, the product is not amazing enough to justify me eating up all that junk. I try to keep my skincare as clean as possible, and when I do compromise it’s because I found a product that is really outstanding. Unfortunately, this was not the case with Jack Black’s Lip Balm. I will try an use it up, I like the fact that it has an SPF, which is great for summer, but I am not at ease with it and most definitely will not repurchase.

As an alternative I recommend Green Beaver Apres-Ski Boreal Lip Balm or my absolute favourite Korres Lip Butters, which are simply amazing.

Green Beaver Apres-Ski Boreal Lip Balm

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