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IrresistibleMe Hair Extensions

Ever since I was a little girl I dreamt of having long hair. Much like my favourite princess, Aurora, I wanted long, soft, beautiful locks, I wanted ponytails and braids and as I grew older my quest for long hair went on. Despite having reasonably good and healthy hair, I still can’t get it to grow fast and long enough.
I’ve flirted with the idea of hair extensions but I was too intimated by all the options out there as well as the fact that I might never manage to get them in and have them look right. We’ve all seen bad extension jobs and I vowed to never be one of those girls. About two months back IrresistibleMe reached out to me to try their extensions and I figured I give them a try, mostly because they answered all my questions and offered to help me out with the whole process. After a few emails back and forth they helped me pick a color and the right type of extensions and two weeks later they arrived at my doorstep. I did my homework and watched every tutorial I could on hair extensions, tips and care and how to style it. This is was my first experience with fake hair so I gave myself some time to get familiar with the hair, practiced clipping it in and familiarized myself with the new feeling of wearing extensions.

The hair was a perfect color match. I like the fact that it has highlights and lowlights and this makes it look very natural. The hair is real and it has a real feel and look to it. The packaging comes with a sample of hair that you can try on before opening the extensions. If the color is off or for whatever reason you don’t like it , you can return or replace the hair.
The application is tricky if this is your first time. My only advice to you is to practice and watch every tutorial you can. I would also suggest you wear them around the house for the first few times just to get used to the feeling and your new look. It took me a while to get used to seeing myself with long hair for the first time in my life, I needed to let that sink in. Expect wanting to flip your hair every 5 minutes, check yourself out in every reflecting surface and touch your new hair NON STOP.
I love the fact that these extensions, being made of natural hair, can be heat styled. I like that the hair doesn’t run thin towards the ends, the strands are thick and full and two or three strips of hair is enough to get a full ponytail. I have yet to go out with my hair down, as I need practice putting them in so expect to see upcoming posts on this. The clips are great, with a bit of practice I got the hang of positioning them and got used to the feeling of having them in, I don’t find them painful nor do I find the hair heavy despite it looking so full. Once again, give yourself time to get used to the feeling, to bond with your extensions and become one with them.

Despite entering new territory and the long learning curve don’t be intimidated by hair extensions. I am extremely impressed with Irresistible Me. The hair is amazing and the quality is definitely there. I am also thankful for the help IrresistibleMe provided in the selection process. The hair is a perfect match and it looks beautiful when it’s on. None of my coworkers noticed I was wearing extensions until I pointed it out. These are people that see me every day and that says a lot. Follow me in this long hair journey to see how I style it in upcoming posts. As a first impression, I have nothing but good things to say about this experience and the hair. The one downside to this whole experience is that I’m kinda jealous my natural hair isn’t as beautiful and thick as the extensions.

*Products provided for consideration. This does not influence my opinions or reviews

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