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Inglot AMC Gel Eyeliner in 84 (Yellow) Review and Swatches

     The coolest trend this summer is to wear coloured eyeliners. It’s a great way to add a pop of colour without going all out there with an entire eye look. I liked the idea, and I love the way makeup artists all over the world used it in shows.

I developed a weakness for yellow and have been on the hunt for a good yellow eyeliner/eyeshadow for ages. I tried pigments and shadows but yellow being the fussy colour that it is, never managed to show up as vibrant as I wanted it to; it’s often powdery and works as a wash of colour but it’s next to impossible to make it work as an eyeliner and get that pop of colour I so longed for.

I nearly fainted when I walked into Inglot and saw the amazing variety of their famous Gel eyeliners, offered in a plethora of crazy in-your-face colours. I picked up yellow on a whim and alas!:a creamy, decadent, pigmented and vibrant gel eyeliner that was beyond my expectations.

      It comes in a light plastic container with a lid that can be tightened well enough to ensure it stays creamy and doesn’t dry out. Compared to MAC Fluidline, the texture is much, much lighter and much creamier. It’s quite opaque, especially for an yellow and can be layered to achieve intensity. It doesn’t dry fast, giving you time to play with it, smudge it, blend it etc; but beware! this also means it’s prone to transfer, so work one eye at a time and try not to blink. Although I love the fact that it’s creamy and allows me to work slow, I did experience transfer and when I decided to cover the entire lid a few minutes into applications my lids were stuck together. Apply a powder on top if this happens to you or work in thin layers and allow the product to dry properly.

Needless to say, the colour is gorgeous. It’s pigmented enough to work as an eyeliner or a shadow base. I am very bad when working with cream shadows and I was happy to see how easy it is to blend and play with it. I also love the fact that when layered in didn’t crack and it took powders and shadows on top very well due to it’s tackiness.
The liner didn’t budge all day! I biked, got caught in a rainstorm, got sweaty and it was intact. It came off very easily with my regular olive oil cleansing method, and it didn’t stain the lid.


Overall, I think I NEED every colour of this stuff. Great pigmentation, wear and performance.

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