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Greece. Mykonos

Greece. Mykonos

I’ve always wanted to visit the Greek Islands and last month we had the opportunity to explore Mykonos for a few days. The island was everything I’ve imagined and more. White washed buildings, spectacular views, incredible food and lovely beaches with turquoise water.


We stayed in a lovely villa minutes away from Paradise Beach, a party destination during the summer months. In fact, the entire island is renowned for its party scene so if that’s your thing you’ll enjoy it. We tried to hike and explore around as much as we can but I didn’t find the island easy to navigate nor the roads pedestrian friendly. Driving on the island seemed like an insane adventure, the roads are narrow, windy and unpredictable. The island also has a limited amount of cabs available (I heard 30) which made transportation challenging and expensive. My recommendation is to book a place close to the beach and be strategic about planning day trips and limit transportation unless you are comfortable and brave enough to rent a car.

The landscape is pretty arid and rocky but it’s the views that make it spectacular. We got to enjoy the beaches and lovely water when we were there and I loved exploring the Mykonos town, which is incredibly charming. I will say however, that shopping in town, much like everything else on the island, is expensive. Very expensive. Unreasonably expensive. Save your shopping for Athens. 

The food we got to enjoy in Mykonos was simply spectacular. Probably the best food I’ve ever had. I strongly recommend you try out Nikolas Taverna, Kiki’s and Stasi Diethnes. Kiki’s is a little restaurant by the lovely Agios Sostis beach and they serve amazing food. We loved the salad bar selection, grilled octopus and the brownie was a hit with everyone. They have a grill on site and the most incredible view. Arrive early as the line is long and take advantage of the small, quiet beach next to the restaurant. Stasi Diethnes was the best food we’ve had in Greece. This restaurant is run by a family, the mom cooks and kids serve and everything is made with fresh, local ingredients. Their spanakopita is absolutely insane and their moussaka was sublime. I cannot recommend this restaurant enough. 

Mykonos is a place where you get to enjoy life. There’s not much to visit, no ruins to explore or architecture to admire. You get that in Athens. Mykonos is a small piece of paradise where you can let loose, soak up the sun, go for a swim and eat incredible food. Oh, and party. If you like a good party this is the place for you during the peak season. Or so I’ve heard. 


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