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Givenchy Noir Interdit Mascara

Givenchy Noir Interdit Mascara

I was intrigued by  the unique design of the Givenchy Noir Interdit Mascara, from the unusual wand with bristles just on one side to the bending wand. The packaging and presentation of the product is gorgeous, I love it when mascaras have a little weight to them and the tube features a gorgeous design giving that luxe feel. 

The brush is one of the most unique shapes I’ve ever seen in a mascara yet it surprised me how little time I needed to adjust to it. The bristles are stiff but fine and dense, the brush depositing a minimal amount of product when swiped across the lashes. You need to build this mascara up and the result will always be natural, fanned out, perfect lashes given the design of the brush. Every time I wore this mascara I can’t help but feel I am wearing a pair of the most natural fake lashes, the wand doing such a good job at splaying them out while enveloping them in thin coats of product with each swipe. Another thing I noticed when applying this mascara is what a great job it does at lifting and grabbing each lash, no matter the size which instantly opens the eye up. 

I am not sure if the this was the intended use for the flat side of the brush but I love using it to tight line, I just gently press it against the base of the lashes and voila! No eyeliner needed! I like this technique for those days when I want a bare, defined eye or when travelling and wanting to get ready in a flash without reaching for more products than I have to. 

As for the most unusual feature of this mascara, the bending wand, I can’t say I found it revolutionary. I didn’t mind it but I never actually take advantage of this feature because I don’t find it really necessary. The only time I can think of that I actually took the time to bend the wand was when I wanted to be extra precise and try to grab every single lash in the corners but aside from that I am happy applying the product the old fashioned way. 

The only downside to this product, for me, was the strong fragrance. I am just not a huge fan of heavily scented make-up and I found this mascara to be a tad too overwhelming at times. 

All in all, I really enjoy this mascara, it gives me beautiful, long, well defined, natural looking lashes and I love the brush on the wand so much that I find myself reaching for it to complete and comb out my lashes regardless of what mascara or look I might be trying out. 

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