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Fashion Beauty Panel: Wedding Day Beauty

    This week we had to come up with wedding looks for the Beauty Panel. It could have been a bridal make-up, a look for the guests, bridesmaids etc.
    Now, if I ever get married, I would probably treat myself to a make-up artist. I mean, if there is one day where you can let ta pro be in charge of your face, it’s your wedding day(s).
     This is what I would wear if I was a guest. The challenge with this look was to 1) make sure the look is long lasting 2) come up with a look that’ll work both during the day and the night, for the party. I decided to do a pastel purple smokey eye. I kept the face fresh and simple and went with good old romantic pink for the lips. The star product for this look is the Make-Up Forever #92 eyeshadow, a gorgeous, vibrant matte purple, with a soft pink undertone (that really shows when blended out). Lovely and loooong lasting. This baby won’t crease!

Wedding Beauty - ellie

After doing the look and changing out of the dress, I had to go meet some fellow classmates and help them study for a physics final. Given that I was gonna hang out with my “bros” and it was raining aaaand I have had this urge to wear a Snapback ever since I saw Daura from Snob Affair rocking them, so I took the plunge and wore my purple H&M one. It went well with my purple shadow, I kinda liked how I transition the look from glam to tom-boy chic. Ever since I got that hat, I have been trying to come up with the perfect make-up that would go with it. I think it worked well. 🙂

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