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Fashion Beauty Panel: My Top 3 Hair and Make-up Travel Essentials

This week’s challenge for the Beauty Panel was truly a challenge for me. I had to pick my top three make-up and hair products that I would bring along on a vacation. THREE!!!! You can’t ask a beauty junkie to pick just three faves, you just can’t! After long de3liberations, I managed to choose three essentials, from a pile of many and here’s what made the cut:

“Let’s be serious! When going away on vacation half of my suitcase would be makeup and skincare. I have a problem! However, there are three items that would be absolutely indispensable to me while away for a summer vacation:
Korres Lip Butters. These little pots of goodness not only smell incredible but are the best lip balm I have ever tried. Period. It keeps my lips soft and protected while adding a sheer wash of colour. Best part yet? They are natural and loaded with amazing ingredients.
Consonant The Perfect Sunscreen. This natural sunscreen is my favourite summer product. It’s rich and nourishing and feels wonderful on the skin. It has a hint of tint, which helps blur out minor imperfection and does not have that white finish a lot of natural sunscreens tend to do. My skin loves it.
Bare Love Beauty Luxury Hair Fuel. This is a lightweight serum like products infused with amazing oils that help keep my mane bouncy and soft. It does not weight the hair down, keeps frizz at bay, adds shine and much needed moisture to my hair, which gets very hay-like in the summer.
And, I know I am cheating, but I’ll mention a forth product that screams summer to me: Essence eyeliner in “Tu-tu-touquoise.” It’s a long lasting, beautiful bright blue eyeliner that will add that “wow” factor and a hot punch of colour to any look.
Products used: Korres Lip Butters, Bare Love Beauty Luxury Hair Fuel, Consonant The Perfect Sunscreen, Essence eyeliner in “Tu-tu-touquoise” “


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